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    Hello everyone,

    On an old website of mine, I made a considerable mistake, I used the same database for wordpress AND for a forum.

    As years passed, the forum lived a healthy life, the blog too (another error, to store lots of stuff directly in the DB), and now, I end up with a database weighting over 2.5 GB.

    I’d like to “split” the database, exporting just the tables of my choice into a new database. One for the blog, one for the forum.

    My problem : this database is just too LARGE for my host’s phpmyadmin, whose connexion times out before managing to perform operations on the database. (Which leads to a painful restoration, making me reupload worth 300-400 MB of zipped archive, left to unpack by SSH and reimport with a cat command)

    This is why I’d like to ask, please, would you know if there are alternative ways, PHP-based, to split a database in two, based on a selection of which tables to keep or to kick out into the new DB ?

    (Regrettably, this web host doesn’t provide SSH access to their databases server, SSH is for the “files hosting” only, the only commandline interaction is import features with cat)

    I know this is not strictly related to wordpress (even if my purpose is to rejuvenate a wordpress blog hogged by a super-large database), so I won’t make a drama if you don’t wish to answer 😉

    Thanks a lot if someone can help,
    Best regards,

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  • I found the solution thanks to my web host, in case other persons are plagued by the same situation, here’s how we ended up fixing it : simply create a new database, and re-import inside it, with SSH commands, a dump of the whole database. And then, with phpmyadmin, delete the tables of our choice, to end up with two distinct DBs.

    Case closed.

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