Problem with a custom email form I'm adding to a custom template page (1 post)

  1. lolattack
    Posted 8 years ago #

    I'm having an issue with a custom script that I'm adding to a custom template page. The page is http://www.lolattack.com/14/ and the issue happens when the form is submitted.

    If installed properly, it should update through ajax with a message saying it has been sent. It is neither sending the e-mail nor posting the message.

    Instead, it re-directs to a 404 page (http://www.lolattack.com/14/send.php?first_name=&last_name=&e_mail=&regarding=-&message=&submit=Send+Message)

    I'm not sure why it's doing it like this. It works fine if I upload it separately to my site in a different directory.

    For instance: http://lolattack.com/contactform/

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