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  1. idanseo
    Posted 3 years ago #

    I have a question and a problem.
    I have a wordpress site with non url friendly pages, so it looks like that - http://www.xxxxx.com/page_id=11
    Now, the problem is if you type http://www.xxxx.com/asssde (words and not - page_id=?) you always see the homepage not with a redirection, seems that the system is duplicating the homepage, creating a new page with the homepage content.
    another example:
    If you type http://www.xxxx.com/anykindofwords you'll get the same url with the homepage content.
    If you type http://www.xxxx.com/page_id=(any number) you'll get the 404 page.

    Why cant I show the 404 page also when someone type words after the domain?
    Google is showing many that my website has many duplicated pages.

    Please help and many thanks

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