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  • Hey everyone

    I’ve decided to make my company website as a wordpress site. So I tried it first in parallel of the former website but I encountered problems while moving the wordpress version as the root site of my ftp.

    I tried several things but didn’t manage to do it properly. Now I fear I’d have to start it all from the beginning…

    Anyway, I still have a copy on my hard disk of my former site and the developped version of wordpress. My question is, can I use those copy files and reinstall them in my ftp ?
    I already tried to copy files but it looks like it doesn’t work. Probably a database problem. Do you have any idea of something that could help me with it ?

    Thanks for your help

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    Basically it’s simple. You change the url in the settings. This will cause the website to stop functioning, but that is expected. Then you delete the WP files from the old location, upload the files of the same version of WP to the new location and you should be done.

    When you forgot the change url part, you can do that later directly in the database:

    Thanks Roy.

    But that’s where it’s getting complicated for me. I need to lear how works the database stuff and phpmyadmin. My web host provides an easy way to install wordpress so I didn’t have to create a Mysql database, just skipped this part. So now I think I should use the proper way to install wordpress on my server. Do you think it’s a good way to do it ? And if you have some advices to start with MySQL, phpmyadmin and etc… It could help !

    I’ll let you know. Thanks again

    It’s either moving as described above (the ‘easiest’ way), a new manual installation (but that’s not really necessary) or a brandnew installation using your host’s automated install.

    Oh, and the Codex is your friend:
    Or the www in general.

    When you say moving – do you mean moving from a development server to a different hosting (the live server)

    You can’t copy only the files and expect it to work on a different server. You also need a backend Database usable for the new location (ie a localhost db)

    If you can setup a blank wordpress at the new location with it’s own DB, you can then simply export all the data from your development version & import it into the new version. Then copy the plugins & theme folders of the development version by FTP to the new server (in the appropriate location)

    As far as I understand, Nico has a testsite in a diffent folder and wants to move it to the root.
    That export/import thing is not going to work, since Nico is halfway moving and (thus) wrecked the old site. He’ll have to fetch that first to be able to make an export. Asuming that the site moves from a folder to the root, I would suggest continue the moving process.

    Hey guys, thank you so much for your help.

    Actually I had to move my site and it should have been very easy if I did properly but I made it the wrong way and so that’s why I was so in trouble ! So I just had one copy of my files on my computer that I wanted to put at the root of my site server (the copy files were from a “wordpress” file).

    So I made a new proper installation, import an xml of my project (that I hopefully made before making so much mess) and then I just had to relink my medias and adjust some stuff. And it’s getting ready soon !!!

    Thanks guys, I’ll look out more next time I’ll do something like that.


Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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