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  • I am using Flutter with wordpress version 2.8
    I am encountering problem while creating Template layout for Flutter. I am following the steps mentioned below for creating layout:

    3. Getting Started with Flutter Layout
    Flutter Layout tool allows you to define where to place the modules on the blog page.
    Creating a Module
    1. Go to Flutter > Modules and click Create a Module button,
    2. Type “module1” as the name for the module and click finish. You should be
    forwarded to the module page.
    Creating Layout-Compatible ThemeSince ‘FreshPost’ we’ve re-approached the
    way we create fields for write panels
    In order to use Flutter Layout features, you must have a Layout-Compatible theme.
    In the following steps, we will change the wordpress default theme into a Layout-
    Compatible theme.
    1. Make a copy of the folder default under /wp-content/themes/ and rename it to
    2. Open the file style.css under default-layout folder and change the first line to:
    Theme Name: WordPress Default (Layout-Compatible)
    3. Create a file named canvas.php. This file defines the layout . Copy the following
    code to it:
    <!– Canvas Page: Home Page | home –>
    <div id=”home” style=”display: none”>
    <p class=”canvastitle”>Homepage Template:</p>
    <!– Main Body –>
    <div class=”body_column”>
    <h5 class=”title”>Main Content</h5>
    <?php canvas_define_zone(‘home_banner’); ?>
    4. Open the file index.php and add the following line right after <div id=”content”>
    tag (this line defines our layout location):
    5. Our new theme should be now ready. In order to activate our new theme, go back
    to wordpress, choose Design > Themes and choose our theme from the list of
    available themes.

    Adding Modules to Themes
    1. Go to Flutter > Layout, you should see a box named module1. Drag this box and
    drop it in the empty box under Main Content.
    2. Click Publish Changes. View the blog. You should see a text at the top of the
    page saying: “This is some text generated by module1 module”

    But I am not to see any Flutter > Layout over there. In this way, I am unable in getting values for Flutter layout.

    I am in trouble. Please help me out.

    Is there any documentation link for Reading Flutter usage?

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Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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