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  • Plugin Author Zane Matthew


    Hi Ovidiu,

    Seems your client is using a fairly older version, and the settings are not being imported.

    A quick solution would be to manually import the settings. To do so you would have to open the current version, copy paste the settings to your clip board, upgrade to the new version, and paste in the new settings.

    Let me know if you need additional help. I can provide an update script from version 1.0.8 to 2.0.0

    P.S., I’m releasing 2.0.1, which minor changes, and mainly two new translations.

    yes, I know, that site has apparently not been touched for at least 2 years so I went in slowly and updated it one by one until I arrived at your plugin.

    I had already opened both versions’ settings page and copy/pasted but still no-go.

    Will give it another go now and see if I can get more info for you.

    This is what it looks like after upgrading to 2.0.1 =>

    And you can find the way it works with 1.0.8 here, live:

    Nothing in the error logs and using the webdeveloper tools of Chrome I can’t see any JS errors either.

    Plugin Author Zane Matthew


    Thanks for the feedback, just curious what version of WP? Has that been updated as well? Also was anything showing in the PHP error log files?

    Unfortunately I didn’t write down the WP version but everything was about the same age so if you know when you released 1.0.8 that’s more or less the WP version the site was running.

    I migrated the site to the new host, updated WP, checked all functionality then updated each plugin one by one while checking if it had broken anything.

    Not much in the log files after all the upgrades except for a few 404 errors of the theme asking for non-existent files like some sprite images and the likes.

    This thing is held together by a thread, I’ll be trying to convince the owner to let me upgrade it with a new theme and rework some of the functionality. The site is all cobbled together with different plugins and hacks. i.e. they use gravity forms and contact forms 7 together for no good (apparent) reason.

    Should I try and update the versions one by one and see where exactly it stops working?

    Just updated to 1.1.1 and that works fine. Spoke to soon, 1.1.1 looks good but I can’t click the Login button, hitting enter does nothing so I have to go to wp-login.php to get back in… stuck here =>

    Plugin Author Zane Matthew


    Sucks that the site is cobbled together.

    Regarding ZM ALR, that asterisk is odd, it isn’t in the official version, was that custom?

    I think there might be an issue with modpagespeed and minify and concatenation of the JS files. Is there anyway you can disable it?

    Not sure which asterisk you mean but I have completely disabled minification and concatenations for now.

    Have a look first then I could try another upgrade to 2.0.1?

    edit: do you mean these asterisks? those are from my password manager in my browser:

    Plugin Author Zane Matthew


    Thanks, those are the ones I was referring to. I’m currently working on a 2.0.2 release, here is a list of closed issues.

    I’m working on a few more things, then looking at your issue in detail.

    let me know once I have your attention, I can then upgrade to 2.0.2 and leave it online until you check it out, maybe you can spot something…

    do you have time to check my problem out? just let me know and I’ll do the upgrade and disable concatenation and minification completely.

    Plugin Author Zane Matthew


    You can make the update today, and I’ll check.

    Hm this is weird.
    I updated a minute ago, emptied all caches, restarted nginx and php5fpm and it seems to work.

    And yet its hanging there saying:

    Success! One moment while we log you in…

    If I simply visit the dashboard I see it has successfully logged me in but its still hanging…
    I don’T see anything with firebug either.

    Thanks for your help.

    Plugin Author Zane Matthew


    What could be happening is the redirect is failing. We can check the following:

    * JS console, which I think you already checked.
    * PHP error logs
    * Are you using clean URLs?
    * Is there a redirect URL set in the settings? Leaving it blank should reload/redirect to the current/previous page

    absolutely nothing in
    – the JS console
    – the error log
    – clean URLS? do you mean the permalinks? those are set to day and name (aka
    – there is no redirect set but the reload only happens if I refresh the page



    Any more ideas please? Otherwise I’d like to put the 1.0.8 version back in place.

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