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  • Hello, RavanH

    There is a way to open Easy-FancyBox automatically (immediately) through Custom Link URL, not through linked text or image?

    My problem is not easy to explain. I hope you are understanding me.

    My problem: When I attempt open Easy-FancyBox directly with direct URL reference like: ““, the FancyBox does not opens automatically, but the whole page is opened instead. I need a way to immediately opening the Easy-Fancybox only.

    As you can see on the url ““, it always opens the whole page. I think I’m lacking with some argument, I unaware how to enter correct inLine argument class/id in the URL, or if is it possible in any way.

    In other words.:
    My homepage have a dynamic metro grid style showing randomly selected gallery pictures: ““. And in each WP gallery picture I can add reference to different page using one WP-Gallery Custom Link plugin. At this point one picture (Colored Gun) contains reference to another page with Easy-FancyBox argument class “fancybox-inline” and hidden iFrame content.

    See the picture below:

    The field marked in red is WP Gallery Custom Links (plugin) used to specify custom links in WordPress gallery images. And the link shows in the Custon Links Field: ““, is the reference to page containing the Easy-FancyBox argumment with hidden content.
    In the page referenced in the custom link I used the code has I followed in the example from: “”

    Worked fine (but only works with same page’s directly linked text or image). The code is shown below:

    <!– Part 1. (Hidden Sketchfab embedded content.) –>
    <div class=”fancybox-hidden”><div id=”sketchfab_popup” style=”width: 1024px; height: 768px; overflow: hidden;”><iframe src=”

    autostart=0&autospin=&controls=1&transparent=1″ width=”1024px” height=”768px” frameborder=”0″></iframe></div></div>

    <!– Part 2. (Link to embedded content) –>

    But does not works for me in the way I need. The whole page is opened instead FancyBox when I attempt to click on grid picture with Custon Link reference to Easy-FancyBox !!!. I cannot figure out a means of

    opening immediately Easy-FancyBox window when clicking on the referenced picture (colored Gun picture) in the home page grid: “

    Please show me way! One way through url to automaticaly opening Easy-FancyBox (inLine/iFrame) popup using Custom Links.

    Thanks in advance!

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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