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    First of all thanks for reading. First time poster, and first WordPress project for me. So be gentle. 😉

    I’m having a problem with a site that is in development, I’m customizing a theme and for some reason, the sidebar div is not showing up in IE6 when the page first loads. If you refresh the page it will show up. Also I just noticed that once the DIV does show up if you resize the browser window the DIV stays fixed and doesn’t adjust for the resizing of the browser. I’m not seeing this problem in the other browsers I’ve tested. Including Safari 1.3, Firefox, Opera 9.0.2, and IE7.

    Here’s a link to the site.

    Any suggestions you can provide are greatly appreciated. Thanks for your help.

    Jason Brantley
    Axis Computer Consulting

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  • OK, I partially figured out the problem. The DIV was positioned absolute. Changing this to relative seems to have solved the problem with the DIV not showing up immediately, but now its not positioned correctly.

    Got it, needed to clear the floats.

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