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  • Hello, my site at looks how I want it in Firefox and also IE, but in Safari I noticed there is a small sliver of space, probably about 1px, between the nav bar and the header image. After comparing firefox and safari side by side, it appears the text in my nav bar in safari is a little bit lower than it is in Firefox.

    I’m not really sure what is causing the problem, but something that has been giving me trouble is the background color for the area right below the header. The blue that you see on the sides was cutting into the middle between the header and the start of the content section. I had set the background to every div I thought relevant to white at this point. What I did to fix it was create a new div and stick it there with a   and it made the area white. I also had to pad it some to make it look right.

    Whether or not this relates to the problem, I am not sure… I did try taking the padding off and the space was still there, and the rest of the site was messed up again. any help is appreciated, thanks!

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