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  • Today, on my local OS-X/Apache development environment, I experimented with the possibility of using a single WordPress codebase folder (containing all WordPress files except the wp-content folder) across multiple blogs. My hope was to use symlinks to achieve the following folder structure:

    ——this folder contains all wp files except the wp-content folder
    ———wp-content (for customized theming)
    ———wp-content (for customized theming)
    ———wp-content (for customized theming)

    Interestingly, by using symlinks, I found that it was fine to move all the WordPress files into the single “wordpress” folder *except* for the two files wp-load.php and wp-blog-header.php. As soon as I tried putting those two files in the folder “wordpress” (creating appropriate symlinks in the process), the blogs would appear as blank (white) screens—-although their wp-admin screens would continue to work fine.

    It’s aggravating that I can move everything *except* wp-load.php and wp-blog-header.php into the common folder “wordpress” because I wanted to keep all source files in that one location to make later upgrades easier.

    If anyone can shed some light on why those two files in particular are creating the problem (something to do with absolute vs. relative paths?) and how to make the necessary tweaks so that these two files can join their brethren in the folder “wordpress,” that would be outstanding!

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