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  • Hello! Thanks for a nice plugin. But I have an issue. I can’t use my siteorgin widets with Elementor page builder. I follow the instructions but it doesn’t help. The script won’t load.

    I’m using Sydney theme.

    How do I sovle this problem?

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  • Hi @copen8,
    Could you explain a little further about these widgets and their purpose?

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    Thanks for the fast reply. Of course, I used Siteorigin Pagebuilder previously, then I found Elementor Page builder and like it a lot. I think Siteorigin pagebuilder is good, but I think that Elementor is almost as good. And if we take in consideration that SO pagebuilder has been around for much longer so is definetly Elementor something for the future.

    And I really see me making all my content in the Elementor plugin in the future instead of SO. But I still miss some widgets that Siteorigin offers. For example Contact Form and masonry layout plugin to mention a few. So therefore it would be nice to use those SO widgets with the Elementor plugin. ¨

    I really like your plugin. Don’t get me wrong. I wish you the best of luck. But Im just looking for a workaround until you have similar widgets.

    Im hope I answered your question.

    I have already asked this question twice and without explanation, to my annoyance it was marked as resolved when it clearly wasn’t. The problem is still there.

    So I posted again here, with no update from developers:

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    Hi @patr100, @copen8,

    At the moment, Please address Siteorigin with this issue.
    However, we will look into it and try to offer a solution in future versions of Elementor.

    According to stats, Site origin has over a million active installs, elementor only has over 10 thousand you should not then claim that all other plugin widgets will work with elementor. Site origin are already a substantial part of the widget market.
    As others have mentioned, EL has much potential but some basic aspects seem rushed.
    Also please do not mark this issue as resolved when it is not.

    “Can I use other plugin widgets inside Elementor?

    Sure can! Plugin widgets that appear in the WordPress widgets menu will also appear inside Elementor automatically. Just drag and drop them onto the page.”

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    Hi @patr100,

    I understand your frustration, and sorry to say that at this point, we are not able to help you work with these widgets.

    Elementor supports plugins, but does not support 3rd party add-ons that require other page builders.

    We recommend never to use two page builders at once, because of many conflicts we’ve encountered with this combination.

    This is why we cannot help you solve the issues you are asking.

    If you tell us which widgets you need, we can suggest specific solutions for you.

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    Okey. I understand, I really think you’re doing a fantastic work over there, your page builder is awesome. But can I ask you if you at Elementor working on any Contact widget, or a image gallery widget with hover effects(

    Or if you can suggest anyone?

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