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  • I posted this 4 days ago here, but it received no responses. I’m REALLY hoping someone here can help me out. I think this is a simple problem and just boils down to something I don’t know and can’t find the answer to. WordPress rocks, but I need a blog solution that has good support. This seems like the place to find that. Thanks.

    The other day, I set up an author.php template in my modified version of the default theme. I have my .htaccess file modified to permit “pretty URLs”, and when I first set up author.php, I was able to reach it by the http://…../baseurl/author/username format, as well as other formats (eg, /?author_name=username).
    Today I made several adjustments to the author.php template, but they are not reflected when I browse using the pretty URL format. I can see that the template is in place and working, because the changes are reflected when I use the /?author_name=username string format.

    This leads me to believe that whatever process (?) enables the pretty URLs has cached or otherwise held onto the old author.php template code, even though the code from a few days ago no longer exists in any file on the whole server. Have others encountered this? Is there a cache I need to clear or something?


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