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  • So I a guy running for city council in my town.

    My campaign site runs wordpress.

    I installed the open inviter plugin version 1.7.0 running on WordPress Latest..whatever they just updated to last week.. sorry I forget.

    Under the invite Message body I put in my message and my openinviter info. I go to the main page of my site where I had my invite widget and had it invite all my gmail contact.. some 6,000.

    I know it sent the invites because various websites I operate are in my contact a couple dozen times and I got all the invites but instead of the Message I input under the open invite configuration I got..


    This invite was sent using OpenInviter technology.

    Without my message.. Just that.. What did I do wrong? I already tried posting this on the plugin forums and got no response.

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  • Anything that relies on openinviter you can forget, that thing is FULL OF BUGS and has ZERO support!

    Do not know of an alternative 🙁

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