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  • Hi!

    I’ve got some problems using this plugin together with ACF. It worked on older WordPress versions with qtranslate, then I updated to WP 3.9 and switched to mqtranslate, and now the WYSIWYG Editor is not working properly anymore. It doesn’t show the Quicktag Bar and I can’t switch between the different languages.

    Does anyone else have this problem? Can this be fixed?

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  • Plugin Author chsxf


    mqTranslate has not been tested with ACF.
    It is the second report we receive that there is some issues with it. We will try to find a solution as soon as possible.


    ACF is the no.1 plugin I use in all sites I produce, so support for it would be great!

    hi, i have just migrated to mqtranslate from qtranslate after upgraded my wp to 3.9. now i have encountered a problem on my custom menu languague bar which also the primary menu. the language icons used to work well with qtranslate but now it can’t work with mqtranslate. mqtranslate works well with the widget at the footer area but not the custom menu at primary menu.
    my domain is please help. thanks a lots!

    Plugin Author chsxf


    How did you set up the custom menu language?

    hi, i’m using the “Links” under WordPress at “Apearance – Menu – Links: URL:

    Hi just to add to this,

    the Advanced Custom Fields Plugin – Field type of Wysiwyg Editor overrides the content in the main wordpress editor when used with mqTranslate (this also existed as a problem with qTranslate).

    Here is the Main word press editor with ACF Wysiwyg Editor below: different content in each field, before update:

    View post on

    After update – both fields contain the same content:

    View post on

    If i turn off mqTranslate, then ACF and the WordPress Editor works correctly.

    There was a hack for this in qtranslate:



    if (ed.editorId.match(/^qtrans_/)) {

    in qtranslate_javascript.php

    Could something similar exist for mqtranslate?

    I have been using mqtranslate and advanced custom fields for the past month and not getting anywhere. The only option that I have been given is create custom fields for each language, and then somehow make these fields work with that language chosen. I think this is really annoying as this might be too many fields for people to do each time they create a new post.

    Updates on this would be amazing.


    I came up with the same WYSIWYG issue (as Dani-Girl) after migrating from qtranslate to mqtranslate (up to date plugin compare to qtranslate).
    It worked well on WP 3.8.3 with Qtranslate + ACF qtranslate, but can’t anymore save on WP 3.9.1 with mqtranslate + ACF qtranslate…

    any solution for making it working ?

    Do i have to downgrade my WP version ?




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    @agencehybrid: If you require assistance then, as per the Forum Welcome, please post your own topic instead of tagging onto someone else’s topic.

    @chsxf Is there any ETA on when mqTranslate will be updated to address this bug?

    @chsxf we’re seeing a problem with mqTranslate and ACF, where attempting to save ACF fields on a user profile does not work, after clicking on a language tab.

    It results in no action.



    … tinymce and qtranslate … the never ending story …

    as I switched to WordPress 4.0 and mqtranslate Version:
    and I got it fixed by replacing
    (about line 305):

    if ( ed.getParam( 'wpautop', true ) )
    e.content = switchEditors.pre_wpautop(e.content);


    if (^qtrans_/)) {

    This Hack worked for me without using “ACF qTranslate”(intended to translate advanced custom fields) and both with tiny mce advanced and wp-edit (the successor of “ultimate tiny mce”).

    If you are new to qtranslate/mqtranslate, my advice is to check the “achilles heel” of qtranslate:
    It has always been the conjunction of qtranslate tabs with additional wysiwyg instances (in fact tinymce instances) such as custom fields.

    So if you encounter any problems the most likely place to search for is the “m/qtranslate_javascrip.php” in your plugin directory.

    Thanks @herrstrietzel

    This worked for me. I have added a Pull Request in github:

    I hope it is included in future releases of the plugin.


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