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  • Hi all,
    I have been playing with wordpress to use in my site. I have used Japanese language .mo file. I have tested the whole system in my computer (Windows XP, Apache 2, PHP5, MySQL4.1) and the blog runs fine. When I run it from my website (Apache 2, MySQL4.1, PHP4.3) I can see default (English) interface only. I tried to debug the problem by adding some ‘echo’ codes in wp-l10n.php file. In the load_textdomain function I found one different behavor between my local server and website. In my local machine the $l10n[$domain] variable shows ‘Object id #70’ whereas the remotely hosted site shows ‘Object’ only. What setting is causing this difference and is it the reason why the language extension is not functioning properly? Please help me!

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  • Finally I solved this problem! There was a bug in the file ‘gettext.php’ (or in my server). In the original gettext file there are two possible values of $magic=$this->readint() [$MAGIC1 =- 1794895138 and $MAGIC2 = – 569244523]. My local computer shows a value of – 1794895138. However, in my host’s server, the value was 2500072158. I modified the condition as ‘if ($magic == $MAGIC1 || $magic==2500072158)’ and the problem solved! Still puzzled why the server is unique.

    Hi there,

    I’ve been using the Japanese language version for a while and it’s working fine, except for showing the month and date in the posts. What’s weird is that they show up fine in the calendar. Any idea?



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