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  • Evening all,

    I have changed my config php file as per the instructions. I then into my php database and hit upload but it will not upload all my files just one?

    Anybody help or no what I am doing wrong.



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  • Hi Richard,

    What are you trying to do? Is this a new install. Or are you moving your site?


    I am trying to install a new site. I am on step 4 of the wordpress install.

    I go into my database in myphpadmin click the upload tab to upload aloof the WordPress files but it will not select all of the files to upload I can only select one?


    hi rjtyrell

    which method of uploading are you trying? i couldn’t help but notice you are (from what i understand in your message), trying to upload your files in the phpmyadmin. Correct me if i am wrong but you are using the SQL import? why so? i would suggest extracting your WP installation via your cPanel file manager.


    It is all a bit strange as our football site is hosted for us via one of our sponsors who are a web company.

    They have set up a database for me in myphpadmin and given me all the passwords etc. This is all I have been given, so thinking I cab do the upload in here.

    I click on my database in myphpadmin, click the import tab, then bowse for the files…this only allows one file at a time to be uploaded??



    hi Richard,

    yes, this will only allow you one file upload at a time unless you are taking a stab at uploading a zipped folder. Even so, the import function in your phpmyadmin is for importing SQL files and not WP core files. The core files are placed in a directory or subdirectory of your hosting.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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