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[Resolved] Problem: Two domains causing confusion

  • I’m wondering if anyone has run into this problem and how it might be untangled: I have two active domains — one an add-on and one a primary domain. The add-on is WordPress MultiSite with subdomains. If I try to access a subdomain from the add-on, it redirects to the primary domain.

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  • In theory, if you point your addon subdomain (call it sub.addon.com) to where the addon domain is installed (normally something like /public_html/addon.com or /home/username/addon.com), then all should be fine.

    What kind of panel software are you using? cPanel? Plesk? Panel?

    I’m using cpanel. Here are two real-world examples of redirection:

    Add-on domain: nyindy.com
    Add-on subdomain: ithaca.nyindy.com
    Redirect ithaca.nyindy.com to /public_html/nyindy

    This gets the nyindy.com homepage, not the homepage of ithaca.nyindy.com.

    Did you make the ithaca.nyindy.com site within WP already?

    Yes. The URL now gives you a blank directory when there should be the WordPress default theme.

    Ok. I just notice that when I create a site within MultiSite, nothing is added to the blogs.dir directory — it is empty.

    That’s okay (the blogs.dir). It’ll fill in when you upload an image.

    ithaca.nyindy.com is pointing to a HostGator 404 page, which tells me it’s not pointing to where nyindy.com is installed.

    The 404 is due to the ithaca.nyindy.com subdomain being deleted. HostGator told me that the likely cause for the domain confusion is that the nyindy.com and my primary domain, ithacaindy.com, share the same cpanel. The last time I had MS installed on the primary domain and it worked fine. So, I plan to convert nyindy.com to my primary over the weekend. I’ll update you on how that goes.

    The domain switch did the trick. At least for HG users, the lesson is that MultiSite’s dns for subdomains or subdirectories will break if MS is installed on a non-primary domain.

    Well that’s sucky :/

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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