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  • I am trying to update (just few words) an older article of mine and clicking “UPDATE” results (after a long wait) to ERR_CONNECTION_ABORTED.

    Also if I return to the article it shows the old version but WP *DOES* know I am trying to edit it, because it says this is an older copy and I can revert to the safety copy version (which includes my edits). Clicking that, adds my edits, but then AGAIN I cannot press update.

    Just yesterday I added (not published yet) a new (other) article with no issues and many edits over the saved.

    So this doesn’t look like a widespread problem.

    Note that I cannot remove and re-add the problematic article (if this is the only solution) as this posts also to my Facebook and will inform everybody that I posted a new article.

    Any ideas?
    My hosting support pushes me to support as they say they don’t have any issues.

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  • That error sounds a bit server related. Does the host have a high enough PHP max post size and post timeout?

    Can you help on how I check these things?
    Remember the post was already posted, I just added a few words.

    If you’re on cPanel, it is a button called something like php info or php vars. This should show you the values.

    Also, what happens when you copy and paste that post’s content in a new test post?

    Hello nulusios,

    Some times it will happen when your internet connection has been down for while. So, I think there will be no issue at all in wp or server side. it’s an issue with internet connection.

    1) Connection looks fine. My blog reads fine, I see youtube video at the same time etc.

    2) I copied and pasted and then saved (not published) the article and it also time outs.

    3) I did the same chopping a couple of paragraphs. It ALSO time outs, which is weird, because the article was already published (and even larger).

    4) I am indeed on cpanel, I looked around and in anything mentioning PHP I haven’t found something related to what you say (will look again).

    Note that I just edited another article and edits (and saves) fine.

    Any ideas?
    Any real log anywhere to check?

    Is there any JavaScript embeds? How is the video being added?

    If You’re comfortable with PHP, you can enable wp_debug and search for a file called error_log.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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