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  • Hi there,

    I’m trying to translate the waiting plugin in French. I’m using the poedit tool.

    I have no problem with strings like Quick Translation, Edit. …

    But when I translate text regarding time units, like Years by Annee (in French) or Days by Jours (in French), Weeks by Semaines, Hours by Heures, theses strings are not translated in French neither in the backend, neither in the front end.

    Any idea ?



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    Hi, those strings are overrided by the terms in Quick Translation form (or the default ones in English).

    The easiest way for you to show time units in your multilingual site is to ask Polylang plugin support about detecting currently used language and use the code in other thread.


    I opened a thread in the polylang support forum. No answer for now.

    But what is strange, is that I have no problem using get_locale() or pll_current_language in the sidebar.php or in the footer.php or function.php of my theme.

    It’s only in the translateTerms function that I can’t get the current language.

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    That’s strange. What does it return in the translateTerms function? Something other must be interfering with get_locale(). Try deactivating the Polylang plugin and check again.

    If in the countdownTo function :

    1) I call the get_locale() function the value returned is correct :
    fr_FR when the polylang flag is set on french
    en_EN when the polylang flag is set on English

    2) I call the pll_current_language() polylang function, I don’t have the error “Call to undefined function pll_current_language()”
    the value returned is correct to
    fr when the polylang flag is set on french,
    en when the polylang flag is set on English.

    So I don’t understand why it doesn’t work in translateTerms function maybe because this function is called in the constructor of the class.
    (the value returned by get_locale() is always the value defined on Setting-> general,
    and pll_current_language() is undefined)

    Any idea to fix this.

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    Ok so sorry for what happens here.

    I understand the security reasons.

    Let’s try an other way.
    You can easly reproduce the problem on a test site, and see that for now your plugin is not fully compatible with polylang.

    Create a WP site for example with twenty Seventeen theme.
    Install your plugin
    Install polylang
    Create 2 pages
    Put a Waiting counter in the sidebar
    Create 2 languages in Polylang (English, French)
    Translate the 2 pages.
    Create 2 menus, one for English, one for french with the pages, put the Polylang language switcher in each menu.
    echo the get_locale() in the translateTerms function.
    Switch the language with the switcher.
    and you are going to see that get_locale() always returns the value of the WordPress General settings.

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