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    I’m having a kind of a problem that I can only start describing now, and then hopefully add to the description as I observe more (or if someone else notices similar behavior). For now I don’t really know even what name to give to it 🙂 Any advice on how to collect data on this behavior is also very welcome!

    My users log in using Simple WP Membership plugin.

    On my main menu I have a link to Forums. The link works fine, they click around, log out, log back in, etc. Then all of a sudden when they click on the Forums link again (or try to access any one of their forums), they are redirected to the page where they should go if they didn’t have access to that forum.

    It started happening about 2-3 weeks ago, until then everything was working perfectly. I had a passing thought that it had something to do with the latest WP update, but I cannot be sure.

    It most commonly affects mobile phone users using Chrome. I have had reports of desktop Chrome users experiencing similar behavior. Firefox seems to behave much better.

    In most cases it is solved by clearing browser cache and logging in again.

    There is a SWPM update available which I intend to process today, but I’m not convinced that it is the cause.

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    One more thing … users are (as always) not very helpful when reporting their isses (i.e. “It doesn’t work”). From the reports that I’m getting it seems to me that they can access a forum via a direct link to it, for example by clicking on it in the notification email (from bbp Style Pack), but that the issue is accessing the root forums page from my main menu.

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    Hopefully the last “one more thing” … users who are experiencing this problem also report that all of a sudden they cannot create a new topic in the forum (that they have access to). It says something like “Forbidden” (but some of them can reply to existing posts).

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