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  • Roy Ho


    This is not a WooCommerce issue. If your emails are not sending and using SMTP works, that means your server is not allowing PHP mail() function to work and thus need to use SMTP. It is a server side configuration issue.

    Roy, I did the test using SMTP and PHP mail () function. Both sent emails.

    The reason of the problem is that all classes into /wp-content/plugins/woocommerce/classes/emails/ extends from WC_Email class. For this reason the WC_Email class needs to be in the same folder or add an includo with correct path in each email classes.


    Roy Ho


    That is not how you stated in your comment. Your title says “Woocommerce new order email not sending”. Then in your solution, you said “Now the Email is send.” After you have installed SMTP.

    I am able to receive new order email just fine on my sites with the default PHP mail.

    Thanks for your additions Roy.

    for me, it worked after setting the wp_mail_smtp plugin to PHP.
    Thanks a million, Roy!

    Thanks pablishe! You save my soul.



    Similar problem here… except for woocommerce does send mail to one of the three recipients, but not to all. These addresses are typed in properly and separated by a comma.

    Why will it only send to one email? Doesnt matter whether it is first, second, or third in the field. The one that successfully receives is hosted on exchange. The ones that do not work: one is a godaddy email which shares the site’s domain, the other is a yahoo address.

    So, MAIL IS SENDING… but not to who needs to receive it. ANY SUGGESTIONS?

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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