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  • Please note, I’ve read through all of the documentation available and pages and pages of threads on the support forum here. I’ve also Googled pretty heavily…still rather lost.

    I initially installed WP-Super Cache as a sort of “ransom payment” to my previous hosting company (HostGator). One day in 2013, the site had a database query issue that impacted the server and long story short is the only way to get it unsuspended was to install WP-Super Cache.

    The plugin DID eradicate the immediate problem, but I didn’t understand whether it would mask issues and/or make ferreting out “bad” stuff more difficult.

    I’ve intermittently done work on the database and I’ve gotten it down to a mere fraction of its previous size.

    The database issue in 2013 was very likely caused by some kind of bloat (huge amount of post revisions, wp-post meta, transients, removed plugin, removed theme, etc.).

    1) It does seem like WP-Super Cache did / is hanging onto some very old stuff amongst its many files
    2) The plugin seems to be inhibiting my ability to do what is a very necessary redesign.

    I need some information regarding how to SAFELY proceed here:
    1) My new hosting company sent me the following message…
    We are sending out this email to inform you a exploit has been found in recent versions of the plugin known as MailPoet( We have come across at least one installation of this in an account that you own. Please make sure to read up on their blog about the security exploit and make sure to upgrade right away as ignoring this could potentially mean having your entire account compromised.

    Account: ******
    Path(s): /home/******/public_html/wp-content/cache/supercache/

    I uninstalled wysija newsletters a LONG time ago (2 years+ ?) I don’t remember if any of its residue was amongst the muck removed during my many database and directory sweeps, or not.

    A) HOW does one know whether WP-Super Cache is actually caching stuff that plugins and themes leave behind?

    B) How does one safely get rid of such stuff?

    2) In order to redesign this site without interference from the cache, I deactivated WP-Super Cache. However, I’m experiencing…
    – significant delays in changes showing up
    – inability for an icon font to display anything but the square or unicode box, even though I’ve followed an identical set of procedures and practices for using it that I’ve used successfully on at least half a dozen other websites. Identical means…same theme framework and child theme, same wp_enqueue functions, same folder locations and paths, same icon font source, same css, etc., etc.
    – appearance of caching files in my directories with recent dates (i.e. a couple of days ago) although the plugin has been inactive for 60 days+.

    When the development is done, I intend to continue using WP-Super Cache. Although it was installed ‘against my will’, I do think it is obviously a magical thing. My only real criticism is more information like the stuff I’m asking about is hard to come by.

    In other words, I don’t want to delete the plugin…unless I truly must in order to develop in the clear…and I REALLY don’t want to break the site by removing code, etc from places (i.e. htaccess) unless that’s safe to do.

    Please advise, thank you.

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  • Richard Archambault


    Happiness Engineer


    I’m not entirely sure how all of this is happening (ie, the “new” files even though the plugin is deactivated). If you re-activate the plugin, turn Off cachnign on the Easy tab, and the click Delete Cache on the contents tab, do any files still show up in the /home/******/public_html/wp-content/cache/supercache/ path? If it’s empty, then I think you’ll be set to re-enable caching on the Easy tab.

    Once we’ve gotten to this step, let me know and we’ll troubleshoot any other issues you may have!

    Hi Richard!
    Thanks so much for the quick reply.

    Followed your very easy to follow instructions and now there are NO files in



    Let’s see if I understand what’s going on / how to best handle in future:

    If you need to do a lot of work on a site and want to ensure that caching is NOT interfering, the best method is to follow the steps you outlined.

    If you simply deactivate WP Super Cache, it’s going to retain the old cache.

    Therefore, when done with development, simply go back to the Easy tab and turn caching back to on.


    Finally…would there be ANY reason why WP Super Cache would interfere with / block an icon font? There are only a very few other variables on this particular site besides the presence of WP Super Cache, whereas my implementation of an icon font worked every where else but not on this site.

    Thanks so much for your help!

    Richard Archambault


    Happiness Engineer


    Glad you got it sorted! Now, to answer your questions.

    …. Therefore, when done with development, simply go back to the Easy tab and turn caching back to on.

    Yup, that should do it!

    Finally…would there be ANY reason why WP Super Cache would interfere with / block an icon font?

    None that I can think of off the top of my head, but I’m curious to see the issue in action. Can you show it to me live on the website?

    Hi Richard,
    Thanks again for your help on this and continued interest.

    Sorry for the delayed reply, when one is working on websites…time just flies right by in an amazing way.

    I can confirm without any real doubt that the icon font problem is NOT WP-Super Cache.

    IF that was the key source of your interest in the entire issue, you may wish to stop reading. If however, your interest was more generalized as a WP guru, by all means read on!

    Since I had to do some maintenance and other work on a few other sites, none of which have ever had WP Super Cache installed, and now seen the same behavior of the icon font when I attempted to implement it on one for the first time, I’ve moved to drilling down a list of possible causes.

    While I may be giving the icon font another go on the site which prompted my posting – – before you read this reply, it’s possible for you to see the identical problem here:

    (IF, however, you see three icons below the nav bar when you land…well…that means I’ve figured this out! In which case, I’ll be back to update in the hopes of helping some other frustrated person.)

    I’ve successfully implemented the icon font on another set of sites recently:

    As I noted originally, the site and others, including, et al, have very many similarities…
    Theme / child theme frameworks
    Same wp_enqueue function (changed the file paths, as appropriate)
    Same CSS
    Same location of font files
    Many similar plugins (but not all)

    The has all of these similarities, too. Neither nor have had WP Super Cache installed, however. One works, one doesn’t.

    I’ve eliminated the htaccess files as suspect; the sites just mentioned have identical htaccess file contents. I realized this had to be considered, since has slightly different code, which is an updated version (based mostly on HTML5 Boilerplate).

    So…by processes of elimination, I’m down to potential differences in…
    1) Plugins
    2) Font files generated by Icomoon app

    Finally, I also must examine…
    Potential differences in versions of the theme / child theme frameworks…there WERE recent updates.

    If I don’t find a solution this way…I’ll start over again and see what I might be missing.

    Once again, thanks for your help and information. I’m so glad I inquired originally, because, as I said, WP Super Cache really did speed up the site tremendously even though it had a number of problems. Some of ‘fear of the unknown’ regarding the plugin’s impact on future changes / resolving problems have been allayed entirely AND I’m now seeing, live, how turning it off as you instructed allows me to work. I’ll be installing this on other sites when they are complete to optimize their performance as well.


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