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Problem removing Pluggins

  • Hi every one,

    I am running WordPress 3.1.4, and when I try to remove a pluggin, I get a new page (wich is in french because I am using WordPress in french) saying “Voulez-vous vraiment faire cela ?
    Merci de réessayer (that’s a link).” I then click on the link and get back to the list of extension with the extension I tryied to remove, still there. What is wrong. I cannot uninstall pluggins anymore

    Thanks for your answer.

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  • Probably deleting the plugin folder via ftp will help.

    Is the plugin wp super cache? because it has a readme.txt to uninstall plugin properly.

    I am able to deactivate any pluggins, but when I try to remove them, it won’t work. They stay listed as deactivated. If I remove the folder, then the pluggin is not listed anymore. The thing is I beleive that removing pluggins this way, will leave “garbage” in the databse!!

    I think you’re misunderstanding how this works.

    When you deactivate a plugin, it’s supposed to stay on the list of plugins, just greyed out and listed as deactivated. It’s also supposed to clean up the database, but not every plugin bothers to do that. Pet peeve. HATE.

    When you delete a plugin, the files go away so it’s no longer listed in the plugins page.

    This is how things SHOULD work 🙂

    Ok cool. But I remember that, when it was working fine, WordPress would ask me if I am shure to delete the pluggins. I tought it was then, that everything was removed from the database. So I will only delete the directory containing the pluugin, after deactivating-it.

    Thank you.

    Well if you’re using the DELETE dropdown option, that’s different from the DEACTIVATE one 🙂

    And it’s possible the permissions on your folders don’t let you delete via the plugin menu.

    I am running a local installation of WordPress using wamp server (MySQL, PHP 5.3, Apache) on Windows 7. How can I adjust thoses permissions, or a lest verifying it ??

    For starters, lets make sure you’re doing what you think you are.

    Performs these steps all via the plugin page of your wp-admin and record what happens.

    Install Hello Dolly.
    Activate Hello Dolly.
    DE-Activate Hello Dolly.
    Delete Hello Dolly.

    Those are all very different commands, and we need to make sure you’re doing what we think you are, so the advice can be correct 🙂

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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