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  1. bugsilver
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    I have noticed an issue on 2 blogs I am running with WordPress 2.5
    those 2 blogs use fresh install of WordPress 2.5 and have been running with no problem for about 1 month.
    Then this weekend, if I am tryingto publish a new post I get an error.
    note, that nothing has changed on my blog.
    I have logged a call with my webhosting support to see if they have updated mySQL or php or Java (still waiting).

    more details:
    blog seems to work fine
    2 different kind of problem:
    1) Blog 1: (www.bugsilver.com)
    I am using a language plugin called wordfez, if I try to publish a new post then as soon as I clikc publish or save there seems to be an error because I go straitgh to the front page and the post is not published. Instead it goes into the draft folder and the content of the post is lost (only the title remain)
    I thought this was an issue with the wordfez plugin.
    well no...

    2) Blog 2: (www.35mmfrog.com)
    I am not using the wordfez plugin there, new post seems to publish ok... but I did notice a grammatical mistake so I clicked edit, changed the text, clicked save...
    and same problem!! I go directly to the front page blog (whereas before i remained on the manage post page, so it looks like some kind of error) and none of the changes are saved!

    Can anyone please help with this issue, I have noticed a number of people having weird problems on this forum when not being able to publish/save posts... quite a huge issue really!!!


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