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  • Inside the WordPress Admin, the Plug-Ins Page goes “white” or “blank”.

    This happened 2 times; while uploading/activating 20 to 30 plug-ins one by one.

    To fix the problem the first time; we removed the last plug-in we uploaded. The pages went back to normal.

    When it happened the 2nd time, the Dashboard went “white” or “blank”… articles disappeared. The last activity was activating a different template. The template took all the articles, but the problem is, we were getting the “white” or “blank” pages again inside the Admin, but now more than just the Plug-ins page turned white/blank. Now, the Dashboard and Posts page turned blank.

    To fix the problem, we switched the template back to the previous template. Now, all the Admin pages are showing, but the problem is the articles have disappeared.

    Have you experienced this?
    What is causing this?

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  • Being new to WordPress, I have a feeling a lot of newbies have experienced the above while trying new templates and admins.

    Do you have suggestions on how to fix this?

    Do you have suggestions for how to avoid this?

    (Is it possible to edit or delete posts in this forum?)
    (I meant,”…while trying new templates and plug-ins.”)

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