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[resolved] Problem outputting arabic content (10 posts)

  1. zeine77
    Posted 2 years ago #


    Thanks for this plugin.

    I just installed it, when I try to get a pdf file from the post content it not recognize Arabic characters, is there a problem with unicode ? Screenshot here

    Same problem on both Windows 7 and Ubuntu 12.04



  2. Lewis Rosenthal
    Plugin Author

    Posted 2 years ago #

    Have you set UTF-8 fonts in the admin panel? Helvetica, which is a core font, is not UTF-8 compatible. Try one of the DejaVu Sans fonts for header, body, and footer or perhaps Arial Unicode.

    This is mentioned in the FAQ.

    If that still does not resolve the issue, please advise. If it does resolve it, then please mark this issue as resolved.

    Good luck!


  3. zeine77
    Posted 2 years ago #

    Thanks for your prompt response.
    Yes, all fonts are set to Arial, I tried different ones but the problem persists.

  4. Lewis Rosenthal
    Plugin Author

    Posted 2 years ago #


    I misspoke. Arial Unicode is no longer bundled with the TCPDF class. Arial is just a synonym for Helvetica, so that won't get us very far (I'll correct the FAQ).

    Please test with DejaVu Sans and let me know.

    A link to the live site (I don't have any Arabic writing at hand) would be helpful, too, in case DejaVu Sans doesn't address the problem.

    Sorry for the confusion!


  5. Lewis Rosenthal
    Plugin Author

    Posted 2 years ago #

    FYI, here are the current font mappings in the plugin:

    Al Arabiya => aealarabiya
    Furat => aefurat
    Arial => helvetica
    Arial Bold => helveticab
    Arial Bold Italic => helveticabi
    Arial Italic => helveticai
    Courier => courier
    Courier Bold => courierb
    Courier Bold Italic => courierbi
    Courier Italic => courieri
    DejaVu Sans => dejavusans
    DejaVu Sans Bold => dejavusansb
    DejaVu Sans Bold Italic => dejavusansbi
    DejaVu Sans Condensed => dejavusanscondensed
    DejaVu Sans Condensed Bold => dejavusanscondensedb
    DejaVu Sans Condensed Bold Italic => dejavusanscondensedbi
    DejaVu Sans Condensed Italic => dejavusanscondensedi
    DejaVu Sans Extra Light => dejavusansextralight
    DejaVu Sans Italic => dejavusansi
    DejaVu Sans Mono => dejavusansmono
    DejaVu Sans Mono Bold => dejavusansmonob
    DejaVu Sans Mono Bold Italic => dejavusansmonobi
    DejaVu Sans Mono Italic => dejavusansmonoi
    DejaVu Serif => dejavuserif
    DejaVu Serif Bold => dejavuserifb
    DejaVu Serif Bold Italic => dejavuserifbi
    DejaVu Serif Condensed => dejavuserifcondensed
    DejaVu Serif Condensed Bold => dejavuserifcondensedb
    DejaVu Serif Condensed Bold Italic => dejavuserifcondensedbi
    DejaVu Serif Condensed Italic => dejavuserifcondensedi
    DejaVu Serif Italic => dejavuserifi
    Free Mono => freemono
    Free Mono Bold => freemonob
    Free Mono Bold Italic => freemonobi
    Free Mono Italic => freemonoi
    Free Sans => freesans
    Free Sans Bold => freesansb
    Free Sans Bold Italic => freesansbi
    Free Sans Italic => freesansi
    Free Serif => freeserif
    Free Serif Bold => freeserifb
    Free Serif Bold Italic => freeserifbi
    Free Serif Italic => freeserifi
    Helvetica => helvetica
    Helvetica Bold => helveticab
    Helvetica Bold Italic => helveticabi
    Helvetica Italic => helveticai
    Kozuka Gothic Pro (Japanese Sans-Serif) => kozgopromedium
    Kozuka Mincho Pro (Japanese Serif) => kozminproregular
    MSung Light (Trad. Chinese) => msungstdlight
    MyungJo Medium (Korean) => hysmyeongjostdmedium
    PDF/A Courier => pdfacourier
    PDF/A Courier Bold => pdfacourierb
    PDF/A Courier Bold Italic => pdfacourierbi
    PDF/A Courier Italic => pdfacourieri
    PDF/A Helvetica => pdfahelvetica
    PDF/A Helvetica Bold => pdfahelveticab
    PDF/A Helvetica Bold Italic => pdfahelveticabi
    PDF/A Helvetica Italic => pdfahelveticai
    PDF/A Symbol => pdfasymbol
    PDF/A Times Roman => pdfatimes
    PDF/A Times Bold => pdfatimesb
    PDF/A Times Bold Italic => pdfatimesbi
    PDF/A Times Italic => pdfatimesi
    PDF/A ZapfDingbats => pdfazapfdingbats
    STSong Light (Simp. Chinese) => stsongstdlight
    Symbol => symbol
    Times Roman => times
    Times Bold => timesb
    Times Bold Italic => timesbi
    Times Italic => timesi
    ZapfDingbats => zapfdingbats



  6. zeine77
    Posted 2 years ago #

    Thanks a lot for having time responding my question.

    I got it worked with DejaVu Sans.

    Still another problem. When the text contains both rtl and ltr in the same paragraph, it doesn't appear in the right order.

  7. Lewis Rosenthal
    Plugin Author

    Posted 2 years ago #

    Glad the font change was the answer. :-)

    As for the "embedded" LTR text, we'll need to use a shortcode to insert a TCPDF command here to temporarily shift us out of RTL mode for the string you want the opposite direction.

    I will implement this is in the next (hopefully) development build as two formats:

    1. [wpptopdfenh_ltr] / [wpptopdfenh_rtl] with a closing tag as a quick, easier-to-remember shortcode to switch whatever text comes between the codes to LTR or RTL; and
    2. [wpptopdfenh_tcpdf options=] as a way of inserting TCPDF options directly into the content. This will allow for adding all sorts of commands to be sent to the PDF renderer but keep them hidden from the HTML view.

    Give me a little time to work these out, and I'll follow up when at least the first one is in place.



  8. zeine77
    Posted 2 years ago #

    Thanks, Lewis.

    I think it would be a nice thing if you could add the pot file in the plugin folders. I'll be happy to translate it to Arabic and/or French.

  9. Lewis Rosenthal
    Plugin Author

    Posted 2 years ago #

    Internationalization is on the roadmap. I want to get the rest of the feature set more compete first, though.

    Thanks for your kind offer to translate, too! I will definitely keep in touch as we get closer to doing this.

    I spent some time last night with the TCPDF setRTL method and getting the shortcode to work for that, but haven't quite hit on it, yet. Just wanted you to know that I am indeed serious about making this RTL/LTR thing happen!



  10. Marc73
    Posted 2 years ago #

    Internationalization should be on the top of the list Lewis. Thank you a million for this GREAT plug-in.

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