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    I have a site called and my customers and myself are having trouble opening zipped and unzipped videos files after they are downloaded from the site.

    During download the video files finish downloading before the entire percentage reaches 100 percent so it appears it could be timing out. After checking out the downloaded files you can see they are not the full file size and when you try to open the zipped folder containing the file it says “Could not open, the compressed zip folder is invalid.” My customers are reporting is says the “archive is invalid”. I tried just the video files without zipped folders and the video stops downloading before 100 percent and only plays the percentage that did get downloaded.

    It appears to be a time out problem. I can’t figure out if its a godaddy server problem or the s2member-files plugin that my files are stored in. I found this thread and it seems like this person was having the same problem.

    I spoke to godaddy support and the tech says the server is fine and that he thinks it may be a problem with my plugin. The downloads worked fine for 2 weeks and this problem just started yesterday. It did seem to happen after I tried to update my site and add a new zipped video file to my s2member-files through filezilla FTP. I deleted that file hoping that would help with the other files but thay still do not download correctly.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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  • Are your downloads being handled by a Plugin? If yes, please contact the Plugin author. If not, then the issue is not a WordPress issue. Contact your server to see what they recommend.

    Try not using a Plugin to handle the downloads and see if that works.

    Thanks for the help. I actually think we figured out the problem which we also believe to be a plugin. I put the videos in a different directory folder and they seem to work now. Thanks again.

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