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  • I love this plugin i like how it draw photobox of my img but i have a little problem that is driving me mad
    I’m a newbie and i try to create my own homepage offline using wamp before upload it
    the problem is: when i click on images to get fullscreen galleria, if the browser’s window is not maximised, plugin load galleria in the right way but
    when i maximise browser’s window, the galleria don’t fit the fullscreen (it exceeds border)either if i close galleria before or not

    other problem(that i think is for the same reason of the previous) when i open galleria first time, it loads perfect and if i resize window it resizes but, if i close galleria and then resize window, when i try to reopen galleria it loads in a strange way (not resized, with thumbnail’s scrollbar not centered and the image loaded in strange way)

    i’ve tried to managed php code and js code with no results (as i said before i’m a newbie) possible that the problem is due to offline status? and if not what should i have to modify to get it works? i’d like not to give up this great plugin the theme that i use is ‘fullscren’ (Graph Paper Press)

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  • updated
    i’ve noticed that the problem is on the heigth of gallery

    Plugin Author pdamsten


    I can confirm the resize issues. It’s on my TODO list.

    thanks for reply i’m working too on this, if i find a solution i’ll post it

    I know it’s a bit offtopics but i’ve noticed other curious behavior (but i’ve tried this only on forefox)if i click esc when the gallery is open it closes but if i click again it re-open gallery and i wouldn’t
    i’ve change so:

    escape: function() {
    if ($(‘#galleria-map’).is(“:visible”)) {
    } else {
    if ($(‘#galleria’).is(“:visible”)) {

    on set_keyboard function it seems to work but i don’t know if it’s correct

    Plugin Author pdamsten


    Thanks for the patch. It’s in 0.6.4.

    thanks to you for this amazing plugin! …on january i should have a little more time and i’ll keep working me too for resize issue.

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