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    This is a developer question, my plugin is this:

    My user is arriba, not rgdesign. I notice this when i did my last commit. I can´t edit the author, and in his user page, my plugin looks like yours. But as you can see clicking on Donte to this plugin, that takes to my website.

    Also you can see here: my thing. So…

    I´ve noticed i put under readme.txt file, wrong me, Contributors: rgdesign, spite Contributors: arriba. So, i´ve change all those things over the current svn version and on all tags, just v0.1 and v0.2. I´ve changed the Contributors, to my user ID.

    But nothing, steel apprears the logo and user id/link to other user, not me.

    🙁 Any help??

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  • Ok, forget it, it takes a while, but now it´s showing Me!!, was that, you need to update all the tag readme.txt files commited in order to work and system take it.


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