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  • On Mozilla Firefox, the pictures I upload are automatically resized to fit the frame of the theme but on internet explorer, the pictures are not resized and the frame is then all squeezed out, my sidebar is gone down on the page…

    Any idea to have it work on internet explorer???


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  • Resize the image to fit in the frame? Resizing an image does a better job visually than forcing the browser to do so and reduces load times.

    Simply don’t upload images that are wider than your content area; meaning you have to resize them before uploading.

    Yes, of course I had thought about it, but the problem is that when you show the post itself (i mean click on the title of the post to display it alone), the side bar is off, so the main central frame doesn’t have the same width… That’s why it’s pretty neat with firefox, because wathever the width of the frame may be, the picture will fit it.

    Does someone have ever thought about it?


    Does someone have ever thought about it?

    Is this question addressed to billgates? ๐Ÿ™‚

    f*** bill gates! if everyone was running firefox instead of ie, my website would work perfectly!!!!


    I guess resizing images BEFORE posting them is the best idea… I’ve looked around all day but it seems that this IE bug cannot be fixed (at least not easily!)

    Thanks anyway…

    So, I’m just making sure I haven’t missed anything:

    The image resizing that is so beautiful in Firefox with the Default theme does not work in IE, this we’ve established. What I want to make sure I understand correctly is that, as of right now, no one here knows how to make it work in IE, is that correct?

    All I can think is resize it before its uploaded. That way it works in all browsers for everyone… whether the browser auto resizes or not. ven the ones that auto resize, many people turn that feature off.

    Okay, I guess I’ll just resize. Thanks for the response.

    I’m having trouble with IE, as well. Viewed with Navigator and Firefox the site looks good, but with IE and all of the margins are off. The content box moves down the page about 6 inches and the side bars are all out of whack too.

    I’m not as savvy as you guys (I had some trouble following this conversation), but is this the same problem as with the image?

    My site is

    I’d appreciate any and all help.


    “I’m not as savvy as you guys (I had some trouble following this conversation), but is this the same problem as with the image?”

    No, you had to learn html and css. Iร‚ยดm sorry, but your code is ugly.

    So, how do I make the code pretty? Is the trouble I’m having with IE because my code is ugly? You don’t have to apologize, but I don’t see how that’s helpful.

    Check out your site without images (and search form) in the sidebars. If it gets better – you can try putting them back one by one.
    Did you modify anything in the original theme code (html and css) or did it come that bad?

    I modified the original theme code. I didn’t realize that would mess it all up. I was altering some things for asthetic reasons. I’ll try what you suggested. Should I reload the original theme code?

    Thanks for you help…

    actually, It’s probably not your fault. Some IE browsers magnify images by 20%. Some don’t. If your images look nice on firefox and bad on IE, you probably have a magnifying browser. I don’t think there is anything you can do about it, because only some browsers do this.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 18 total)
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