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    After integration with WordPress, my board not workig properly.
    1. UCP and MCP panel – in the panel general links (Private message, Settings Forum, Members Group…) is not work. Link is ucp.php#ui-tabs-2 , but must be ucp.php?i=173..

    2. View topics count not work.

    This is my board

    Registred and see UCP panel.
    username: varro
    password dean11

    see too and MCP panel


    [b]WP-United Version[/b] :
    [b]WordPress Version[/b] : 3.5
    [b]PHP Version[/b] : 5.2.17
    [b]WP-United enabled?[/b] : Yes
    [b]WordPress Home URL[/b] :
    [b]WordPress Base URL[/b] :
    [b]WordPress Plugin URL[/b] :
    [b]phpBB URL[/b] :
    [b]Plugin Path[/b] : /ments/are/
    [b]WordPress Path[/b] : /ments/are/
    [b]phpBB Path[/b] : /ments/are/
    [b]Active plugins[/b] : content-aware-sidebars/content-aware-sidebars.php, mappress-google-maps-for-wordpress/mappress.php, review-schema-markup/review-schema.php, seo-facebook-comments/seofacebook.php, the-events-calendar/the-events-calendar.php, visual-form-builder/visual-form-builder.php, wp-email-capture/wp-email-capture.php, wp-pagenavi/wp-pagenavi.php, wp-polls/wp-polls.php, wp-united/wp-united.php
    [b]Current theme[/b] : Politic
    [b]Allocated memory[/b] : 51855.189083821M
    [b]Memory limit[/b] : 256M
    [b]Locale[/b] : bg_BG
    [b]integrateLogin[/b] : 1
    [b]showHdrFtr[/b] : REV
    [b]wpSimpleHdr[/b] : 0
    [b]dtdSwitch[/b] : 0
    [b]phpbbCensor[/b] : 1
    [b]wpPageName[/b] : template-custom.php
    [b]phpbbPadding[/b] : 6-12-6-12
    [b]xposting[/b] : 0
    [b]phpbbSmilies[/b] : 1
    [b]avatarsync[/b] : 1
    [b]integcreatewp[/b] : 1
    [b]integcreatephpbb[/b] : 1
    [b]xpostautolink[/b] : 0
    [b]xpostspam[/b] : all
    [b]xpostforce[/b] : -1
    [b]xposttype[/b] : excerpt
    [b]xpostprefix[/b] : [BLOG]
    [b]cssMagic[/b] : 1
    [b]templateVoodoo[/b] : 1
    [b]useForumPage[/b] : 1
    [b]wpuxpostcomments[/b] : 0

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  • Plugin Author jhong



    Sorry for the delay. I’m not at my computer now. I did look on my iPhone and didn’t see any problem with tabs in the ucp. I can check the rest later.

    Very nice looking site BTW. The forum integrates well.

    See (Views) – not working after view topic
    see anyway topic and see Views (Not Working)
    User Control Panel – Not working links
    See in UCP Generals > Private Message > Setting Forum (links not work)

    Plugin Author jhong


    OK, I just saw the problem with the tabs.

    You have some javascript on the page that is modifying the tabs. I’m not sure if this is coming from a phpBB MOD or your WordPress theme. The solution is to disable that javascript on the forum page. If you’ve set up a separate page template just for the forum, that is easy enough to do.

    Alternatively, you could rename the tabs ID from “tabs” to something else in your phpBB template and style files.

    If you want an easy, hacky way to do that, just add “#tabs {display: block;}” to your WordPress CSS. The CSS itself will do nothing, but the WP-United template integrator will see it, and realise that you have items with an ID of tabs in both WordPress and phpBB, and automatically rename phpBB’s tabs. The problem should then go away.


    For the view count, I’ve noticed the problem on my forum as well, I’ll have a fix out for it soon I hope.

    In your forum have a problem registration

    The password does not contain the required characters.

    Not working.
    I add in style.css #tabs [display: block;] and not worki.
    Tabs in back in Ucp and Mcp….

    How to disable JavaScript ?
    Yes custom template work for phpbb but don know disable js.

    Thank all is ok.
    But now View topic count not work.

    Plugin Author jhong


    glad the tabs are working now.

    I hope to have a fix for the view count soon — please keep an eye out for a new version.

    I am yey out for a new version

    Plugin Author jhong


    You may want to try the nightly package at The viewcount problem should be fixed there.

    i download from package and not work
    wp plugin and phpbb mod downloaded from yout site and not work, but i download too from here and dont work.
    When stop integration, count worki, but start integration not work.

    now install with nighyly pscksge and not work ….

    Plugin Author jhong


    I’ve confirmed the view count bug seems to be better with the new version on my forum. Can you confirm that you have the latest version of phpBB.php from the latest nightly package?

    Data Base: MySQL(i) 5.1.61-rel13.2-log
    Forum Version: 3.0.11

    And with package nightly not work view counts 🙁

    Am testing in and here not work. New wordpress, new phpbb and nightly package not work…

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