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  • SharmaYelverton


    Hi there. I’m attempting to move my wordpress site to a new sub domain. Until now I’ve had it set up in the root folder of my domain but now I want to move it to a sub folder on the same domain.

    eg to

    I’m completely new to this but I followed the tutorial here which went smoothly, and then I used the search and replace script from here to change the URLs in my sites data base. This is where I started having trouble.

    I’ll attempt to explain what’s happening.

    I ran the search and replace script which seemed to go smoothly. However it didn’t seem to work and the links where still re directing back to my old site. I replaced the data base with the backup and tried a few more times. Still no luck so I investigated a little closer.

    I found that the nav menu and links on my site had been correctly updated.

    In the pages section of my wordpress controle pannel I found that the urls of the pages had been changed correctly.

    However if I clicked the links or nav menu or even if i went directly to the desired url it would redirect back to the old site.

    Puzzled I removed my old site and just put a blank index.php file (with a random line of text) in the root directory of the old sites url. Just as before if I clicked a link or navigated directly to a url of the new sub directory it would still ‘re direct’ to the old domain.

    I have no idea what’s going on. I hope I’ve manage to explain it clearly. If you are able to help the old url of my site is and the new one is



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