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  • Are you using same database as urls are saved in database.
    You will need to reset urls to new domain name in Settings>>>General by using one of this method

    If exporting the contents from one site and then importing the content into another site means I’m using the same database then yes. otherwise I don’t believe so.

    I added the URL in the config file but that didn’t help.

    As I said if you imported same database then you need to chnage urls as they are still pointing old domain name

    Actually the problem is not the new site switching to back to the original site, it is the opposite. When I try to log in into the original site it switches to the new site.

    You mean you using same database for both sites?

    The new site switches back to the old site because you haven’t changed the URL settings in the database. When you update those the site will work correctly.

    I’m new to Word Press so let me explain what I did and more accurately describe the problem.

    I installed Word Press and created site 1. I then installed Word Press for site 2. I then exported the content from site 1 and imported into site 2.

    Things were working correctly then out of the blue, when I tried to log into site 1, the log in page switched to the Word Press log in page for site 2.

    Site 2 is working but I can’t get to the dashboard of site 1

    Even if I was sharing databases I’m not clear why there would be problem logging in the dashboard and why it would jump forward to the second site. I would better able to understand it if I was logging into site 2 and in it jumped back to site 1.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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