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  • Hi all,

    Firstly I’m not new to web design but am totally novice when it comes to WordPress. Any help (clearly explained) would be so much appreciated!! (I’d also like to point out that when people talk about things like Apache I have absolutely noo idea what they’re talking about!)

    Basically I’m developing 3 websites using Microsoft WebMatrix, WP version 3.3.1. So none of the sites are online yet while I build them using my computer as the server. I preview my sites in Chrome, using Windows 7 64-Bit.

    Since I upgraded to the latest WP and then started my third site, I’ve noticed a big problem that applies to all the websites. Basically none of my websites will load. I just get a loading ‘busy’ symbol. Sometimes if I wait maybe 5 minutes, I can get to my website. Sometimes if I refresh, I can see the site after 10 seconds. Other times, it’s just busy loading and doing nothing. If I can get to the site and want to edit a page, or visit the Dashboard, it is often another 5 mins of waiting, often resulting in a timeout. Sometimes it works after seconds, sometimes not at all, which is the odd thing.

    Since it’s a problem across all the websites, I wonder therefore if the problem is something relating to the connection to localhosts, rather than some dodgy plugin upsetting everything?

    It’s the same for all my sites, and seems to have happened totally randomly.

    Here is what I’ve tried myself:
    – I went to my third website, which is the ‘heaviest’ and most complete, with the most plugins, and disabled one of the plugins which was active but not needed. After that, the site seemed to load fine (until the next day! then the same problem was back).
    – I followed this tutorial, editing the ‘hosts’ file, disabling firewall, and turning off IPv6: — problem still exists.
    – I’ve tried to make sure I’m logged in with sitename/wp-login.php but even this barely loads. Sometimes it loads, I can log in, but it makes no difference.

    Thanks in advance.

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