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  1. Netdetective
    Posted 10 years ago #

    What is the escape code I will need to add to an individual linktext to override the base href command so that I can add in linktexts to other domains?

    I am currently using

    <base href="http://www.beyourowndetective.com/"/>

    in header.php, so that I may use relative image links, and in-site page links in my blog, however this creates a new problem I have not been able to solve.

    I am currently unable to put an offsite link to another domain on my site without it adding my local base URL to it. Is there an escape code I can add to an individual linktext to override it?

    I wanted to add a link text to clean-credit.org credit reports to my blog, but I end up with something like http://www.beyourowndetective.com/http://www.clean-credit.org appearing on my blog page.

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