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  • Hello, first, i can’t speak very well english so i beg you make a sacrifice to understand me, sayed that, let’s start. I’m trying to install wordpress in WampServer (’cause it’s a proof), so, when i try to install with “localhost, or my network IP” the worpress answer whit an error, but, i have the server configurated with the port 8080, but when i type localhost, or the IP with :8080 the wp doesn’t answer, just stay loading for a long. I’d tryed re-installing the server but keep doing the same. Please I need help for start my project. I’d installed wp before and without the port doesn’t do the error.

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  • By any chance did you install another app or program on the same port that may be blocking it? Try a different port or Google how to check your ports and see if something else has been installed on 8080 and remove it.

    It could be a configuration issue as well. Personally I have used a Mac for the last decade so maybe someone else can provide a better answer.

    Good luck!


    Hi again, i investigated a little and i found a program called NetStat, supously the app show the ports that are used in real time…or not, well i think there’s not any process using 8080, anyone knows about another solution?

    I got a variant, re-installing WampServer i can install it normally but the problem is that i will use it whit a Virtual Private Network(VPN) and in the same server i have installed BoomChat 6.0 in VPN too, and if i reinstall the server all Database information is going to be lost, and i can’t live whit the problem of reinstall the server everytime i will to install a new site.

    At least someone knows about tutorials or other thing than can teach me how to save Databases in phpmyadmin?


    Make sure that your apache server and mysql services are running.

    Go to phpmyadmin
    Click on Export (top tab)
    select custom
    highlight database
    Scroll to bottom click go

    Anika Digital


    I think You have IIS installed in you system. Remove IIS first

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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