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  • I can’t successfully install WP 4.7 on my IIS7/Windows 7 box with PHP 7. PHP 7 works, MySQL 5.6 works, and I have dozens of earlier WordPress installations working on the machine, under PHP 5.6. But when I try to set up the new install by filling out the database stuff on the first form, I get this error in the browser window:

    “WordPress database error Unknown column ‘wp_’ in ‘field list’ for query SELECT wp_ WordPress database error Incorrect table name ” for query INSERT INTO (option_name, option_value, autoload) VALUES (‘nonce_key’, ‘;” … etc.

    All the table names are missing from the query string. I just can’t seem to isolate the culprit in my server configuration. Any help appreciated. I have never had problems before today.


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  • Hi, there is a thread about it here. my guess is that its probably still in the works so its having issues.

    I thought I’d follow up on my experience with my Windows 7/PHP 7 and WP 4.7 install issue. On my Windows machine, I had to fall back to PHP 5.6 in order to get WP 4.7 to install successfully. I proceeded to install a theme and plugins and content, completing a full site using PHP 5.6. But when I moved the project over to a Linux/Apache production server and setting it to run PHP 5.6, I discovered that it wouldn’t run successfully under PHP 5.6. So, I set the server to use PHP 7 and voila, it worked fine. So, although I have not investigated this fully, I think it might have had something to do with my installing a 64-bit version of PHP 7 — just a guess. My Windows 7 setup worked fine running PHP 7 with some general test PHP scripts, but balked at the WordPress 4.7 install, as described in my first post. If I figure out the problem, I’ll follow up again.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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