• I have this theme installed on several pages, but today I just can´t finish installing it, because of a failed installation! I have wordpress 6.01. I tried with an older version of wordpress and with plugins deactivated and the problem persists. Is this. a known problem? I googled it and there´s no information about it. Thanks

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    Solved: I did more research and found this:

    Download the plugin from that link and install it manually. That will solve the problem. I´ll let you know later for updates.

    Thanks for the update.

    This was giving me a headache

    hello, thanks for the tip,

    however I downloaded the file and when trying to install it gives error:

    Installing theme from uploaded file: auxin-elements.2.9.8.zip
    Unzipping the package…

    Installing the theme…

    The package could not be installed. The theme does not have a style.css style sheet.

    Theme installation failed.

    what could be done to solve it?

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    Hello! First, activate another theme. Then, delete the theme (Phlox). Once you deleted Phlox, try reinstalling it again. Don´t click on the button that appears on top of wordpress asking you to install the Phlox core plugin. Then upload manually the phlox core plugin.

    This should work! If you have content already on your website, don´t forget to make a backup first.

    Good luck!

    great, thank you very much, it worked

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