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Problem inline label (jQuey)

  • Hi,

    I’m building my new theme and I’ve a problem. I use jQuey to display the input’s label into the input :

    this.label2value = function(){	
    	var inactive = "inactive";
    	var active = "active";
    	var focused = "focused";
    		obj = document.getElementById($(this).attr("for"));
    		if(($(obj).attr("type") == "text") || (obj.tagName.toLowerCase() == "textarea")){
    			var text = $(this).text();
    				if($(this).val() == text) $(this).val("");
    				if($(this).val() == "") {
    				} else {

    But, the problem is, if, when I submit the comm, there’s not a website url, WP uses the label as an URL (http://YourWebsiteURL).

    How can I solve this problem ?

    Thanks ^^

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