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  • There seems to be a problem with indexing photos that are presented with the Image Browser. I don’t believe that this is related to Nextgen gallery 2.0.x, because I also encountered this problem with version 1.9.x.

    Because it is supposed to work good together with Nextgen gallery, I am using WordPress SEO. That is on the latest version 1.4.13.

    For a couple of months now I have a few pages where I am displaying photos with the Image Browser. When I look at my sitemap, created by WordPress SEO, it shows me the correct number of images that are on these pages.

    The strange thing is, only the first image of these pages is indexed. This corresponds with what I see in Google Webmaster Tools. It tells me the total number of images on my site, which is correct. It also shows me the number of indexed images, this number is equal to the number of pages, which means that most of my images aren’t indexed.

    I’ve also tested by searching with Google to verify that only the first photo of a gallery is indexed and this seems to be the case. When I do a Google search with the title of the first photo of a gallery, it shows up as the top image. If I Google the title of other images from that gallery, none show up!

    Could this have to do with the way that the Image Browser works? When I use the Image Browser I create one WordPress page, which is added to my sitemap. But the Image Browser creates in effect different subpages for each photo, but these pages aren’t in my sitemap.

    Is there something I can do to fix this? Are more people coming across this issue?

    Could this be considered a bug, either in Nextgen gallery or WordPress SEO?

    I am looking forward to some feedback.

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  • What WordPress SEO are you talking about? is it a specific plugin?

    Plugin Author photocrati


    I’ll admit, SEO is not one of my personal strong suits, but I believe I am seeing the issue you are describing and wondered if you wouldn’t mind a quick test?

    Since version 2.0.x uses the new “no shortcode” approach to inserting the album/gallery displays and these displays are represented by a single image (the preview image from the gallery or in cases of albums the preview image from the first gallery in the album) could you try changing the preview image and seeing if Google indexes that image instead of the one you currently see being indexed.

    SEO is obviously an important topic and one we want to insure we are helping to improve if possible, so please feel free to submit this as a Bug Report as well on this page:

    – Cais.

    @photocrati – Cais. Thanks for your response. Well actually I am not using the new “no shortcode” approach for inserting new galleries, but I am still using the legacy shortcode.

    So for a test, what I’ll do, I’ll change the sorting of one gallery so a different image is the first one. And I’ll change another gallery from shortcode to the new way of inserting with the ATP functionality. See if that makes a difference.

    And after the result of that I’ll post it here and if nothing’s changed submit a bug report.

    @photocrati – Cais, maybe this also gives a clue to what is going on. When I search for the first photo that was indexed by Google, in the gallery where I changed the order (so the photo I am searching for isn’t the first one anymore), still shows up in the index. But when I choose visit page, it goes to the first page of the imagebrowser, instead of the actual url where the photo is.

    Perhaps the problem is that the first photo from a gallery is linked to a page. When you open a gallery you actually open a page, with the first image in the imagebrowser.
    So then the url is:
    When you go to the next image you get:
    If you then go to the previous page with the imagebrowser navigation you go to:
    These subsequent pages, after the official wordpress page, aren’t in the sitemap.xml, so the don’t seem to get indexed.

    I’ll keep you informed when the google index changes.

    Plugin Author photocrati


    @jeroen: Thanks for the detailed input and feedback. I just want to add an extra note on this. I think we want to do basically a full SEO audit of NextGEN to ensure that images across gallery types are indexing and showing properly, and that our implementation is otherwise totally SEO-friendly for image search.

    Right now, we still have a fair number of more general issues to resolve, and I think we’re going to stay focused on those. We probably won’t do this kind of SEO work until we are confident that all the base functionality is stable, smooth, and bug free.

    When we do turn to SEO, any input you’ve provided will be hugely appreciated. So feel free to keep it coming. Just know it may be a bit before we address issues (if there are any). Thanks! (Erick)

    @photocrati – Erick. Update, the previous first image of my testgallery has disappeared from googles index, although the new first one hasn’t shown up yet.

    I’ve also found these two old post that seem to be related. The first is this one, where pardsbane mentions:

    What I think would be really ideal is if there was a way to get the imagebrowser links for every photo in nggallery into the the sitemap.xml.

    I guess this would require the imagebrowser links to always be active without a wordpress page linking to it, and I don’t know if that’s possible.

    In the second one, Mark Jeldi talks about

    I’m not sure if it’s possible for WordPress SEO to detect these pseudo-pages, as they’re created on-the-fly with PHP

    This seems to confirm my suspision that this is not working correctly. I will post a bug report later, where I will link to this thread for details.

    Good to hear that you want to do a full SEO check. I understand that you are busy with other things at the moment. I’ll try to see if I can find a workaround for this problem and let you know if it works.

    Plugin Author photocrati


    @jeroen – Thanks for the update. We will be looking forward to your report.

    – Cais.

    Another interesting thing to add to this issue. I recently changed displaying one gallery from shortcode to ATP. I just discovered that this changes the number of images on that page, according to the sitemap to 1, while there are actually 20.

    When I change back to (legacy) shortcode, the sitemap reports the correct number of images on the page.

    Just created a bug report for you.

    Plugin Author photocrati


    @jeroen – Thanks!!

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