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    I had a customer contact me who was unable to order a Bristlecone Bivy.

    Sounds like the product image was displayed in the center of the page instead of off to the left. The “add to cart” button was not displayed on the page, possible covered by the image?
    In addition the image covered the center of the top three lines of copy in the product description.
    The product name, price and options menu were all visible.

    He was able to add a Sawatch sleeping bag to his cart, sounds like everything on this page was displaying correctly.

    He is using Internet Explorer version 6.0.2800.1106IC

    This is the only instance of this anomaly that we know of.
    I looked at the code generated by WordPress on these two pages by View/Source but couldn’t spot any causes that I would reciognize.

    Why is the Bristlecone Bivy displaying incorrectly in Internet Explorer version 6.0.2800.1106IC?

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  • oh, thats not the only thing that doesn’t work in IE6, it practically breaks the entire internet and LITERALLY drives developers mad.

    Its lucky that anything ever works in that monstrosity of a browser.

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