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  • This is a rehash of a recent problem, but with a new twist.

    Trying to import a SQL backup file (read dump) to a new host. Post data is showing on the index page, along with categories, but I can’t log in. Looked at the site_url and it seems fine. Did a comparison though between SQL dumps from both servers and there are some differences. Is this okay?

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  • Here’s the latest for any very welcome detectives…

    Alternatively emptied the database and imported either the backup file with the data, or the default info (and data). The uploads each presented a working blog. Only difference is that with the default data everything works; with the real backup data it generates a blank screen at a login attempt.

    The new install is 1.2.2; and I’m almost certain the old one was too – if not it was 1.2.1. The data was converted through a separate 1-click backup from 1.02blakley when I upgraded to 1.2.x.

    I’ve been through the posts for blank screens; this problem seems different:

    –If I click the refresh after the blank screen, I get a login dialog.

    –If I fill in any of the known user/pw sets, I get a ‘session expired’ mssg.

    –Permissions are set to 755 folders / 644 all files – just as uploaded from the zip file. If I raise the wp-login.php to even 664, I get a 500 error, and the error log says the file is is allowing others to write to it.

    In phpmyadmin, the site_url looks fine; wasn’t sure if the options on the original install were set with the blog pointing to the root, but I don’t know how else the blogfilename says ‘../index.php’ instead of just ‘index.php’ then, but I tried changing it to the latter anyway – no go. (I can’t get into the admin to change or even see the settings from there – wasn’t sure I read it right in the files).

    –I did notice an error in the logs, but not sure with which version it occured or how:
    ‘Premature end of script headers: /home/found/public_html/wp-fdn/wp-login.php’.
    It seems like a hot lead since the login is the file that seems to be choking. I looked at it though and everything seems in order, even down in the config.php file that is a require file there.

    this is as far as I gotten.
    i hope someone can help soon; the walls are starting to look climbable.

    Case closed. Used sexygeekgirl’s wp-login mod and everything loaded.

    Thanks for my help. Okay, I won’t mention it.

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