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    I am experiencing something weird when moving from WP.COM to my self hosted WP.ORG.

    I have generated the export file from my blog (it has about 3.5MB) and have then installed the WP importer plug-in and uploaded the file.

    Everything is imported fine, however the posts are not linked to the tags or categories. It is like every imported post was set to the “uncategorized” category with no tags at all.

    I can indeed see that the categories and tags were saved correctly. They are all there, but they have no post linked to them.

    I have 48 categories and 1000+ tags and 174 posts.

    No error is shown.

    Weird is that I tried the same thing on another host with the same WP 3.0.1 I was testing and everything went fine. The problem is that the host was not good and I changed.

    Do you know what can be causing this behavior of setting all categories to “Uncategorized”? Seems that the tags and categories are being ignored by the importer.


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  • Just to let you know I did some more tests with other WP versions and found that the issue is caused by the change on the WP.COM export file. It has changed a few weeks back (2 or 3 weeks now) and I believe the WP importer plug-in is not prepared for the changes as it was updated almost 200 days ago.

    I was lucky to have an older export file and I was able to successfully import the file and all categories and tags were linked to the corresponding posts. (ok, some categories and tags were duplicated but that is not a big deal).

    The main differences I found on tags and categories are shown below:

    OLD export file:

    <category domain="tag"><![CDATA[salt lake]]></category>
    <category domain="tag" nicename="salt-lake"><![CDATA[salt lake]]></category>
    <category><![CDATA[Salt Lake City]]></category>
    <category domain="category" nicename="salt-lake-city"><![CDATA[Salt Lake City]]></category>


    NEW export file

    <category domain="post_tag" nicename="sevilla"><![CDATA[sevilla]]></category>
    <category domain="category" nicename="sevilla-espanha"><![CDATA[Sevilla]]></category>

    After LOTS of tries, I found the solution. The new export file needs to be set to the following on the above example:

    <category domain="tag"><![CDATA[sevilla]]></category>

    Removed the “nicename” and “domain” for the category, removed “nicename” from the tag and changed the “domain” to “tag” on the tag as well.

    With that I was able to import the posts and link them to the categories and tags.

    I hope the WordPress Importer is fixed soon.

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