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  • I’ve been using Broken Link Checker for a couple of weeks now, and up until now had been quite pleased with it. As one of my blogs dates back to 2005, it’s been great to have an automated tool to unlink broken links so as to not get SEO hits for broken links.

    However, I started having a problem with the plugin today. When I logged into my admin and went to Tools | Broken Link Checker it informed me that I had 114 broken links.

    I clicked the ‘select all’ checkbox at the top of the first page and then chose “Unlink” from bulk actions and clicked “Apply”. I then clicked the “OK” button to confirm this irreversible process. I was then told that 30 links were removed, yet the first 30 links that were displaying were the same ones that purportedly had been removed. Usually those links disappear, and the number of broken links decreases by 30 (here it stayed the same).

    Confused, I tried clicking through to page 2, 3, etc of my broken links and following the abovementioned process, all with the same results.

    I then noticed that the Source page for all of these broken links had a title of “Untitled” (which none of my posts do), and the link address provided for this ‘Source’ page was “”. It’s as if it is stuck in an infinite loop of examining the broken links it has found w/in the admin page and marking them as broken.

    I can’t get the software to work as intended anymore – all of the source links are that same link within wp-admin with the title of “Untitled”.

    I am going to try removing and reinstalling the plugin to see if that gets it working again, but I would appreciate knowing if:
    A) this is a known problem, B) how to prevent it in the future, and C) how to fix it in the future.

    Your prompt attention to this matter is greatly appreciated!

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