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  • Looking at the feed the images are entity encoded so the regex is skipping them. I’ve got feeds like this too and had to run the “mydesc” through html_entity_decode() prior to it being passed to showexcerpt().


    EDIT: Its probably worth you creating a copy of the template you are using to make this change.

    How can run ‘mydesc’?. I’m newbie so I don’t know what you’re saying… =(

    What do you mean when you say ‘you creating a copy of the template…’ ?

    Thanks Astroyka!

    You can select different templates to display your feeds from the “Shortcode Settings” tab in the admin tool. For example the “DEFAULT” templates option relates to a PHP file in:


    If you make a copy of this and give it a new name such as “mytemplate.php” this will show up in the “Shortcode Settings” tab in the drop down list.

    The “mydesc” is an array element from the parsed RSS feed containing the relevant text/image/markup for each item in the feed. When I say run, I mean pass the contents of this array element to the entity decoder:

    $items["mydesc"] = html_entity_decode($items["mydesc"]);

    Its probably something the dev of the plugin should explain 🙂


    Edit: You will need to understand how to code/change PHP to fix this.

    So this is not as simple as just adding that line of code to the default.php file?

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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