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  1. anik424
    Posted 2 years ago #

    I changed my domain from mywindows.in tomywindows8.org.

    I had more than 300 posts with the previous domain name and most of them were indexed on Google. Now that I have changed my domain name the index status shows total indexed as 0 under the new domain and when I go to the advanced tab it says 332 (not selected). But in site map section i can see 279 links are indexed. And one more thing is that, now if I add new contents in my site (new domain) number of pages indexed increases under the old domain. The funny thing is that the number of indexed page showing under sitemap option of new domain also increasing but Health-> Index Status of new domain remains 0 and "not selected" is increasing.

    I have activated 301 redirection for my old domain (editing .htaccess file). It is almost 6 days i have moved my site. My question is, does google know mywindows.in and mywindows8.org both are same sites or google is treating the new site as a dupiicate content site??? Confused.... plz help..

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