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  • nlsolutions


    Dear support,

    We are writing to you regarding the big commerce plugin for wordpress and in particular the embeedded check out.
    Indeed this one works only on a few browsers: facebook, mozillan, safari application.

    The check out does not work however on google chrome, we have the following errors on the console :

    Uncaught (in promise) NotEmbeddableError: Cannot start a checkout session with an empty cart
    at u (

    if (isIframeEvent(, EmbeddedCheckoutEventType.FrameError)) {
    reject(new NotEmbeddableError(, NotEmbeddableErrorType.MissingContent));

    Our wordpress website is on the following url:
    We are testing google chrome browsing in private browsing and the check out does not work

    Here is the diagnosis of the site according to the bigcommerceforwordpress plugin :

    Data retrieved successfully
    WordPress Installation
    Site URL
    WP version
    Plugins Active
    All-in-One WP Migration Unlimited Extension – 2.37
    All-in-One WP Migration – 7.27
    BigCommerce for WordPress – 3.23.0
    Bolt Checkout for BigCommerce – 1.0.0
    Contact Form 7 – 5.2.2
    Elementor Pro – 3.0.3
    Elementor – 3.0.5
    Official Facebook Pixel – 2.2.0
    Yoast SEO – 14.9
    Network Plugins Active
    Must Have Plugins
    Elementor Safe Mode – 1.0.0
    Server Environment
    PHP Version
    Max Execution Time
    Memory Limit
    Upload Max Filesize
    Post Max Size
    WP debug
    WP debug display
    WP debug log
    Mysql Version
    Web Server
    BigCommerce Plugin
    Channel ID
    Store ID
    Api URL
    Import Frequency
    Import Status
    Last Import
    2020-09-08 17:34:01
    Next Import
    2020-09-09 17:34:01
    Products Count
    Cart Enabled
    Cart Page Slug
    Archive Slug
    Category Slug
    Brand Slug
    Account Page Slug
    Gift Certificate Page Slug
    Template Overrides
    Site URL
    Route: home
    Route: cart
    Route: login
    Route: account
    Route: create_account
    Route: forgot_password
    Route: account_order_status
    Route: returns
    Route: account_new_return
    Route: product:*
    Route: brand:*
    Route: category:*
    Route: recover_abandoned_cart:*

    We have to run the check out on google chrome, this is essential for us.
    Thank you for helping us, we already had this problem before, the check out must be stable.
    This is very important for sales.
    Do you need more information ?
    Thanks for your help
    Best regards

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • Topher


    Hi there, it sounds like you’ve run into the Third Party Cookie issue. Please check out these reference and documentation URLs.

    Thread Starter nlsolutions


    Hi Topher,

    Thank you very much for your help and all the documentation you do.
    It helps us a lot.

    Some questions following the configuration according to your supports.
    Can we still have multisites with this principle by keeping our check out on wordpress?

    Do we necessarily have to send our dns servers to big commerce?

    it seems that we cannot associate our store on several check out :

    Thank you for your clarifications



    You can’t have multisite and each of them have a custom domain for the embedded checkout, no. You can only have one checkout domain. So you could do something like this: embedded standalone standalone

    DNS can be managed anywhere.

    Hi Topher,

    I’ve been trying to follow the documentation on how to setup the embedded checkout on the BigCommerce for WordPress plugin, taking into account the third-party cookie issue.
    Here is my current setup:
    • Brand site: – this is our main brand website
    • BC site:– we have been using this as our e-Commerce site for about 3 years, always with the intention to move the functionality into our brand site as soon as we had ported it to WordPress.
    • WP Storefront site: – When we went to move the functionality of our BC site into our brand site, we came across the BC4WP plugin and created this sub-domain which uses the plugin. We launched this about a month ago, and recently have been getting customer complaints about the checkout page not loading. In chatting and emailing with support, as well as reading a forum question response that you wrote, we came across the third-party cookie issue.

    Now I am trying to determine how to setup the BC sub-domain to address this issue. Can the BC sub-domain be even with the WP Storefront at since is a subdomain of Or would this setup require that the BC domain be And would this be valid or best practice to have a nested subdomain like this?

    Another question, if I don’t use the embedded checkout and instead redirect my customers to the BC checkout page, do I have to worry about this third-party cookie problem at all?
    Lastly, my BC site at is still available to the public on the internet, but I really don’t want it to be moving forward now that I have the setup. Is there a setting or something similar to prevent users from navigating to or any of its sub-pages? Or would I need to accomplish this with redirects? Is there a best practice on this?
    Thank you so much for your help. I have been in contact with support, who suggested that I move the BC4WP plugin to the site, and then setup the BC sub-domain as, but I would really like to leave the BC4WP plugin in the subdomain if possible and I thought that you might have some good additional insights into the problem.




    Given, you want

    If you go with standalone, not embedded, you don’t need to worry about the 3rd party cookie thing at all.

    The ideal for redirects from is to make a 301 redirect for every page on AND use .htaccess to do it. This is a pain, and must be configured EXACTLY right.

    If you’re using WordPress on then the plugin called Redirect can make it quick and easy to redirect pages from one to another.

    If not, your host can probably still help you use .htaccess, but set up a single global redirect rather than one for every page.

    You can leave the plugin on ship. just fine, you don’t need it on the main domain.

    Thank you! I’ll give it a try – leaving the BC4WP plugin on and setting up the BC subdomain to be


    Hi again Topher,

    I setup the redirect from to My BC store did not have the ability to redirect the home page, so I had to do this with my DNS registrar as such: These seems to have been successful, as when I navigate to, I am redirected to

    I also setup the BC subdomain at Here are my settings at my DNS registrar: However, my embedded checkout page is not loading from any browser I try it from. Also, navigating to yields a Store Not Available message. See here:

    Can you provide any additional guidance?

    Thank you,

    Hi again Topher, I worked with one of the BC support techs yesterday evening and based on his suggestion, I additionally changed the domain in the BigCommerce dashboard from to and this seemed to solve the problem. My embedded checkout page now appears and I am able to place orders. I have a new problem now in that my order confirmation page is not being displayed after hitting Submit to place the order. I am getting some console errors that you can see here: I am not sure if this is related to my solution for the third-party cookie problem but I was wondering if you had any insight. Thanks again.




    Look at the docs for Routing in the Channels admin. There’s a place to set what the confirmation page should be.

    Hi, thanks for your response. In my BC Dashboard I went to Channel Manager->Advanced Settings. I see the routes here:, but I don’t see one for the order confirmation page. I tried Create Route, and there is a dropdown for the type of route, but the order confirmation page is not an option. I also searched the BC knowledge base for help on this and could only find this article on the Channel Manager, but it does not have any reference to setting these routes: Is there any further guidance that you can provide? Thanks in advance.

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