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  • I think this has been a problem for quite a few people. I’d like to be sure of how to resolve it before I meddle.
    I contacted Support on Friday, but haven’t had a reply.
    Here’s the query I sent :

    Hi, my site is WordPress,
    In 2009, when the site was built, the designer/hoster got greek characters to work.
    Then recently the site was hacked and we had to rebuild. Now the greek characters don’t work (after update, they display as “?” and other special characters).
    My hoster says that it’s really my responsibity to find a solution.
    I’ve read various things on the WordPress site saying that some fonts may not support greek characters, but I have the same font now that I started with in 2009.
    I’m prepared to make coding changes but don’t want to meddle before I understand what the problem is.
    Can anyone help ?

    Also WordPress says that it’s interested to hear about any security issues. I don’t think the Support desk was interested – should I contact anyone else ?

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  • This is a question of using unicode in your WP installation. You have to check are your WP installation and it’s database have the utf 8 character set. (Remember that utf8 is default character set for WP)
    Try to add string AddDefaultCharset UTF-8 in the top of .htaccess, may be it will help faster, if not, check also this strings in wp-config.php (Read the link)

    define('DB_CHARSET', 'utf8');
    define('DB_COLLATE', 'utf8_general_ci');

    May be this is only part of the answer, but try this steps.
    If it will not give an effect, it means that the db tables have already some another collation, and you have to change it also. Read this article


    Thanks very much for your advice. I can’t confirm immediately whether this solves the problem, I want to first enquire from the hoster (who was the original site designer) how he brought the site back up after it was hacked. He may have deliberately done something differently for another purpose.

    This trouble-shooting forum is really impressive. Just the number of problems tackled (if not fully solved) on here since last night is pretty mind-blowing.

    Yes, may be to ask the hoster / site designer is most reasonable decision )

    Tried the changes for utf-8 character set. No luck.
    Now my hoster will be looking at changing DB tables when he has the time. This method of solving the problem seems to be long and complex. And we don’t know whether it will be successful !

    Meantime greek characters still don’t work on my site, it’s been this way now for over 2 months, since the hacking in December. After the hacking my hoster switched the site to another server, also upgraded to the latest WP release. I think one of these 2 things is the reason why greek chars no longer display.

    Looking at the forums, these charset problems have been around for years – surprising that it’s still the same for new WP releases.

    What do you see in the Post Editor? Is it ??? or greek characters? May be characters were lost during export/import and moving site.
    Try to test – add some greek characters to some page (for a while) and update it, then check if it displaying properly in front end.

    In post editor I can edit in greek characters okay, but then when I hit Update, the greek characters mostly become “?”. Some become other special characters. None remain as greek characters.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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