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  • I’m having a very odd problem with my links page. It is somehow related to the plugins I’m running on my site but I can’t figure it out at all.


    The above link used to feature a function call to get_links_list (apparently now depricated) and now uses wp_get_bookmarks. If you click on it everything should work fine for you.

    However, when I’m logged into the site the function breaks down and nothing after the header shows up. It is definitely related to the print list calls because if I remove that function it displays fine. Why it’s only affected by my logged in status I cannot tell.

    After deactivating all plugins and slowly reactivating one by one it appears there are at least two plugins which both have to be activated for me to see this problem. Askimet and simple-facebook-share button must be active for this problem to occur. If I deactivate either Askimet or FB-share-button the links display correctly.

    This started happening somewhat inconsistently during 3.2.0 but since 3.2.1 it’s been an ongoing issue all the time. I’m trying to resolve the problem because I actually put the links on my site for my own usage as well as other people’s. It’s not a big issue since it displays for others and I can work around it by logging out (or using a browser sesssion in which I’m not logged in).

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  • Try using another Facebook share plugin.

    I’m sorry about the typo above, the new function I’m using is wp_list_bookmarks();

    Esmi, can you recommend one please? The one I’ve been using looks/works exactly how I want it to.

    Is there a good plugin which can share to multiple sites? not just fb but twitter and g+ and etc perhaps?

    Obviously that’s not a technical fix, rather avoiding the conflict. Would be nice if someone can chime in with a technical solution too.

    Sorry – I don’t know of one that has been tested with eShop offhand. But I do know that there’s nothing we can add to eShop that will deal with this.

    I’m sorry, what is eShop?

    I just tested another plugin TF Social Share – the same thing happens there too by the way.

    OK also tried Social Sharing Toolkit, which ended up causing even more issues with the site. Now even when not logged in the links page would break.

    OK tried final plugin Facebook Share (New) Button – this also breaks the links page now even when logged out. I’m going to have to live with my original problem it seems unless someone can suggest a technical solution.


    Guys can anyone help with this or offer suggestions?

    Still looking for a potential solution to this problem.

    Still nothing. Can’t figure out what may be causing this.

    Still nothing.

    OK today I disabled the plugin I was using and instead started using the stuff offered within wordpress to share. The links problem is no longer evident to me, still blows my mind how this could happen. Wish I had time to dig around the code.

    So I’ve learned more about this issue, or namely the plugins which I’m using. The stuff which I thought was from within WordPress is actually ShareDaddy from the Jetpack plugin. At first everything worked great, then I upgraded to a version I found which has a G+ button. This caused my link pirntout to not function again while I’m logged in.

    Any help on why this is happening is appreciated.

    I’m considering abandoning my theme and upgrading to another theme. I’ve not tested to see if it’s related to this though I doubt it.

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