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  • Hi there.

    i have hust recently installed the new WordPress to my server and started building my new website.

    However I’m having trouble with the display of images on the site in the posts. Even the gallery doesn’t display on the blog. however when I click on the gallery it does display the image within the context of the gallery.

    my site:

    many thanks.

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  • kperrone


    is one of them images? When going to the link it does not seem to exist. Have you double checked to make sure the path is correct?

    That is correct. I have hust uploaded the images through the page menu were you can edit the body of a post. I checked the server and th files are indeed present in the folder wp-content/uploads.

    however, after i uploaded the image.. in the screen you get right after it fills in the link to of the picture. And that’s where it fills in Is this correct?

    Am I missing something here…?


    Oh yeah.. and I keep getting e0mail notifications with the message bad link to /wp_content/uploads/ (file name of photo’s)

    Anyone out there who can lend me a hand on this one?



    Did you change the permalink structure? Try changing it back to stock. Also check the permissions of your uploads folder.

    Hi, thanks for your reply,

    The permissions of the upload folder are set properly (anyone can acess it). And I tried changing te permalinks, butr that didn’t change anything…



    If it were me I would try switching themes back to default, disable all plugins and see if the images display correctly.

    I will try that tonight… if the case is that is appears to work with the whole theme in default, then I would still be kinda bummed out, because I don’t want the default version… I want my own version..



    I realize that however, this is an easy way to target the trouble by process of elimination.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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